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Our property highlights

Spacious home and outbuildings on an acre with views

Price: 199,995 €

Ref: DPA3516

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Charming 4-bed stone village house and barn

Price: 171,200 €

Ref: DPA3525

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3 stone houses and a pool in lovely gardens!

Price: 472,500 €

Ref: DPA3526

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Who are the Dordogne Property Agency?

Dordogne Property Agency is a first class, professionally qualified and fully registered, specialist French real estate agency (agence immobilière). We are a professional specialist French property agency, are British owned and our multi-lingual team of staff, offers a combined experience of over 30 years as estate agents and property professionals in the French property market. As well as running our highly successful French property website, we are now established as the premier real estate agents in Dordogne and are expert property consultants in our field. Therefore, whether you are looking to purchase a house as your main residence for a permanent move to France, or simply to buy your French holiday house or home for your pure enjoyment, let us help you through our extensive French property network to first locate, and then safely buy your dream French property in the Dordogne - Périgord region of south-west France.

Dordogne Property for sale - It's what we do best!

Specialising in the south-west "Aquitaine" region of France, through our extensive network of contacts, we offer a broad range of French homes, houses, businesses and properties for sale in France located principally in the famous Dordogne – Périgord area with further coverage of the surrounding areas of Lot, Lot et Garonne, Charente, Gironde and Limousin.

Dordogne Property Agency - offering you the key to "La Porte" of your French Property dream.

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Acheter un bien immobilier en Dordogne - Vous désirez acheter un bien immobilier en Dordogne? Dordogne Property Agency vous proposons un grand choix de propriétés à vendre en Dordogne

Looking to buy a French property in the Dordogne?

Let us help you find it with our bespoke property search from our wide selection of French property for sale in Dordogne.

Why buy your French property in the Dordogne now?

1. The continuation of slower market conditions and fewer buyers have forced many bargains in the marketplace.
2. Shrewd buyers are choosing to buy now and to take advantage of many vendors who are now, more than ever, prepared to accept lowers offer for their properties.
3. France still offers (and always has!) one of the safest havens for property investors with a proven record of stable property prices.
4. French property offers a safe long term investment.
5. France has maintained an unmatched quality of life.
6. You have been thinking about it for far too long and now is the time to seize the day!

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Why purchase a house in the Dordogne?

The Dordogne attracts property buyers whose primary motivations are usually centered around a change in lifestyle and moving home to a new country to recapture a lifestyle that has perhaps been lost. When you buy a house in the Dordogne you can be assured that an improved quality of life is top of the list of advantages offered by this region of France!

We offer a wide range of Dordogne French properties for sale across all areas of the Dordogne region including properties in Riberac, Bergerac, Sarlat, Lalinde, Perigueux, Brantome, Le Bugue, Nontron, Vergt, Mussidan, Montpon, Saint Astier, Le Buisson de Cadouin, Belves, Saint Cyprien, Thiviers, Excideuil, Saint Alvere, Verteillac, Saint Aulaye, La Force, Montignac

For example, to find a selection of properties situated in the Riberac area of the Dordogne – Périgord click this link: Riberac property for sale

Dordogne flights to Brive

Cityjet offer flights direct to the Dordogne region from London City to Dordogne Brive Souillac airport. Flights start from as little as €59 euros inclusive one way!


*Click here to read our information page for clients who are selling a French property*

With effect from 1st January 2011 and due to a recent change to the law (la loi Grenelle II du 12 Juillet 2010), all vendors advertising their French property by any means including offering it for sale via a professional, registered estate agent in France, must have had the DPE (Diagnostic de Performance Energétique) report carried out and the results must be clearly advertised along side their property details. Broadly speaking, this report is required for all habitable French properties where a fixed system of heating is in place. This can be anything from a full central heating system down to a single log burner/fireplace.

« Art. L. 134-4-3 (nouveau). – À compter du 1er janvier 2011, en cas de vente ou de location d'un bien immobilier, le classement du bien au regard de sa performance énergétique doit être mentionné dans les annonces relatives à la vente ou la location, selon des modalités définies par décret en Conseil d'État.»

Example energy report for a French property

*Above is an example of the pictoral representation of the report's values. part of this must be displayed with details of your French property

This is now the law and therefore, Dordogne Property Agency along with any other estate agents, are obliged to conform with the associated regulations now in force. As such, we must have this information which is to be displayed in future on our website, in our agency window and on all further external marketing activity we carry out on your behalf.

Unfortunately, due to the legal obligations we are required to adhere to, refusal to supply us with this report will result in Dordogne Property Agency being unable to accept the mandat de vente for your property.
The report is very easy to obtain from numerous accredited expert organisations in France and the cost starts from around 80 euros TTC (tax included). The expert who carries out the report will provide you and us with a copy of the report along with the images we need for our marketing activity to be compliant with the new legislation.

Please do not hesitate as the demand will be huge on the companies who supply the reports. Contact an expert today and order your DPE report so that we can begin our search for a buyer for your property.

Why buying your French property from a British seller can secure you a superb deal!

Bag yourself a British bargain!

As the French housing market comes to terms with the global economic downturn, even the much loved and endlessly popular Dordogne region has suffered from a lack of available buyers in the last 12 months. Vendors now have to work much harder to attract fewer buyers and whilst many British buyers still retain the dream of owning their own French home, circumstances have made it harder for them to sell property in the UK or obtain suitable finance. Not to mention a general lack of confidence in the global markets and the dwindling value of the pound versus the world's currencies......

However, in every set of market conditions there are always advantages to be found. British vendors, who will sell their French properties and then plan to return to the UK, have discovered themselves holding a very real "ace" card in the fight to attract a buyer. Whilst a traditional non UK seller can only realistically drop the price of his property in line with market values, a British vendor who intends to repatriate his or her money back to the UK in sterling could be seeing a real gain of up to 50% in value and has a major advantage!

Example: Mr and Mrs UK Seller bought their French property in 2006 for £350,000 Euros. When they purchased their currency on completion, the exchange rate was at 1.46 Euros to the pound meaning, their property cost them around £239,000 pounds. Even taking into account the growth in property values since they purchased nearly 3 years ago, they now find themselves in a slower market as a result of falling demand and a real risk of lower prices. If they were to sell today at the same price at which they purchased their property, based on the July 2013 lowest euro sterling exchange rate of 1.13, they would gain, purely on the value of the weaker pound, by more than £70,000 pounds!! Furthermore, in order to secure a buyer, they could even potentially drop their selling price down as low as €270,000 euros and still walk away with the same amount of sterling as they started with!!

Because of this situation, many British vendors are putting themselves in a very strong position in the market by dropping their prices aggressively to make their own properties stand out from the crowd. Those that are not adopting this strategy immediately are still going to be much more inclined to accept a stronger negotiation on their price for the same reasons.

We are not suggesting that anyone would buy a property simply because it could be bought below the market value. Purchasers should always aim to find the best property to suit their requirements at the best possible price. This does mean however, that many cautious buyers are now coming back into the market, tempted by this unique situation.

If you have been holding off on your own "French dream" and waiting for the right time to purchase then this is surely it. Remember, it will only take a simple recovery of sterling to remove this situation at a stoke and a stronger pound will bring more buyers to the market pushing prices for good properties back up again!

Do it now and contact us to begin finding your own British/French bargain!

News from Dordogne - Our guide to French property

Do you have a French property for sale in the Dordogne? Reasons why we really are the premier real estate agents in Dordogne

As leading Dordogne real estate agents and French property consultants, follow this link to see how we can help sell your French property or click here to tell us about your property.

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Tryck här! Swedish flag Hus att köpa - Syd Västra Frankrike

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Dordogne - Real French towns, real prices and why do people continue to buy here?

Credit crunch, inflation, exchange rate misery, global recession, failing investments, doom and gloom….. All these can be found in abundance everywhere you look in today’s world. Yet here in this tranquil corner of South-West France the reverberations of these things seem less important as little changes here over time and the region still offers the same reasons for buying a property that it always has.

Despite the overused, somewhat boring and mostly inaccurate generalisations that are often made about this region, such as being, “crowded with Brits” and “too expensive”, the truth for those who have the spirit of independent thought and common sense to see for themselves could not be more different. Especially in the current economic conditions, where many great property deals are to be had for the buyer!

Let’s take a look at the facts:

Location - This area is loved as much by the French as the overseas purchasers that have traditionally bought here because after all, this is some of the best countryside that France has to offer and is here right in their own backyard! Add in the already strong popularity with other International buyers including the Brits, Dutch and Belgians and we have an area here which has benefited from continued and strong overseas demand. Yet most of Dordogne totally retains it’s French feel. Why? Because despite the community of second home owners, French families live and work here, towns and villages buzz with their daily lives all year round and the bars and restaurants continue to be busy, no matter what the season. For example, central Dordogne, which is served by the A89 auto route attracts commuters from Bordeaux who have themselves been wooed into the area by the superb road links back to the city and people from all over the world buy second homes here because of the stunning beauty and tranquility of this “garden of France”.

Access – Want to buy in an area that is served well by roads and airport access? This area can probably boast the best and easiest access from points across the UK and Ireland. We have the international airport of Bordeaux just an hour away. Bergerac International Airport is only ½ hour away. Limoges is only 1½ hours from the heart of the region and the International airport at Brive la Gaillarde is only 55 minutes drive from our offices in Neuvic sur L’Isle. These routes continue to expand and with this flexibility, cheap prices can always be found giving affordable access to your French home from almost anywhere in the UK.

Investment - Since the beginning of 2002 until the end of 2007, prices across the Dordogne rose by 45% putting the region well above the average for France. In terms of today’s market, prices have stabilised during the last 12 to 18 months and in many cases asking prices are falling strongly due to the reduced demand resulting from the global recession and “credit crunch”. Real time prices have fallen in the region of 10% to 20% based on actual transactions taking place, however for the most part, the recession has seen a reality check taking place for vendors who imagined the values of their properties being permanently on the increase. Prices now reflect much more realistic market values. Interestingly, a key factor about this region is that properties here are bought equally by French and other foreign buyers. The region is also currently very popular with Dutch and Belgian buyers so good properties still continue to sell quickly. The regions airports, and the low-cost airlines they attract, make the current and future access to properties very easy so demand continues to be steady and there appears to be no let up in the appetite for property in this area. Whilst there can never be any cast iron guarantees about future values, you do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand that if southwest France is one of the last bastions of lower priced property in Europe and demand continues to be strong, then over the long term, prices will continue to rise steadily. After all, there is only one “La Belle France”. Follow the model of what has already happened in other popular destinations such as Italy, Spain and Portugal and you will see that in many of the regions in these areas, even allowing for recent price reductions and falling demand, prices have already become, and remain, prohibitive for buyers with modest budgets.

Prices – There is usually no smoke without fire and it is true that a small handful of the famous Dordogne towns, mainly found along the southern border, have historically attracted prices much higher than the average Dordogne property. It is this that drives the inaccurate perception that the Dordogne is expensive and is mainly due to the long term demand within these areas and the huge growth in tourism which has driven the demand. Despite this, property prices across much of the rest of the region, the “true” Dordogne, are still at bargain levels. Currently, the southwest of France offers the best prices in the whole of France. People are always very surprised to find that Dordogne compares very favourably on price with the neighbouring Limousin region. This should be no surprise as the two areas are geographically linked and despite rumours, there is not a huge “painted line” across the countryside which, when crossed into the Dordogne, suddenly means that prices treble!

Motivation – In nearly 9 years of being estate agents in the Dordogne, we have never sold a house to a single buyer whose primary motivation has been for financial gain. Everyone who buys here buys for the superb quality of life that it brings and this can still be had in exactly the same way as it always could. People buying here today are still buying for the same reasons and “credit crunch” financial meltdown and global recession have little to do with it. Despite this, as I have said above, long term broad appeal for this region will certainly ensure that sound investment comes as part of the package. If you were thinking of buying to improve your life then what stops you from still doing that if your motivations are for acheiving a life change?

So what are some of the conclusions one can draw here? The facts are:
  • Property remains excellent value for money in Dordogne with plenty of superb deals available for the keen buyer

  • Access to the region remains easy

  • This is one of the most sought after and beautiful areas of France

  • In the long term, property prices will continue to rise steadily making investment a “sure footed” move

  • And the final conclusion? If you have been thinking about buying French property but have not yet made your move, why wait any longer as the time is now right! The door here in Dordogne is very much open for those with the conviction to come down and see for themselves. We would be delighted to help you to change your life forever and to find and purchase your piece of France and that dream French property and home in the Dordogne sunshine. Book your appointment now! contact us

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    Vous désirez acheter un bien immobilier en Dordogne? Dordogne Property Agency est une agence immobilière française professionnellement qualifiée et enregistrée. Elle offre un environnement sérieux et sécurisant à des clients désirant acheter un bien immobilier en toute tranquillité d’esprit. Nous vous proposons un grand choix de propriétés en Dordogne à vendre et nous nous accompagnons durant toutes les étapes d'acquisition ou de vente d'un bien dans notre secteur.

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    319 maisons à vendre en Dordogne aujourd'hui.

    !*!*! Nouveautés - Nos biens à vendre en Dordogne ajoutés récemment !*!*!

    Son équipe parfaitement bilingue est « européenne » et comprend des gérants britanniques et des négociateurs français et hollandais, offrant ensemble une expérience cumulée de plus de 30 ans sur le marché immobilier français.

    Vous chercher un bien immobilier en Dordogne - Périgord? Peut-être une maison de vacances, une villa, une propriété d’agrément, un moulin, un domaine avec gîtes ou chambres d’hôtes, une maison de maître ou pourquoi pas un château en Dordogne, en Périgord ou en Aquitaine?

    Nous vous proposons un large choix de biens immobiliers en Dordogne à acheter dont la majorité se situe en Dordogne-Périgord mais nous avons aussi des propriétés à vendre dans le Lot, le Lot et Garonne, la Gironde, La Charente et le Limousin. Et si aucun de ces biens ne vous convient, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter car nous effectuons aussi des recherches personnalisées.

    Spécialistes du marché immobilier de la Dordogne, nos conseillers vous accueilleront avec la plus grande écoute, afin de définir votre projet immobilier, qu’il s’agisse d’un achat immobilier, de la vente de votre bien en Dordogne ou d'une estimation.

    A propos de l'agence Dordogne Property Agency

    Bien a vendre Bien a vendre Bien a vendre - Maisons à vendre en Dordogne - Bien a vendre Bien a vendre Bien a vendre

    Nous sommes fiers de pouvoir vous présenter des descriptifs de maisons clairs et complets et de vous proposer une approche très pointue d’écoute et d’assistance personnalisées pour vous accompagner efficacement dans la recherche active, la sélection et l’achat du bien immobilier dont vous rêvez.

    Nous vous souhaitons une bonne visite sur notre site web et espérons avoir le plaisir de vous rencontrer très prochainement dans notre agence.

    Cordialement - Toute l’équipe de Dordogne Property Agency

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    Our property highlights

    Spacious home and outbuildings on an acre with views

    Price: 199,995 €

    Ref: DPA3516

    More details...


    Charming 4-bed stone village house and barn

    Price: 171,200 €

    Ref: DPA3525

    More details...


    3 stone houses and a pool in lovely gardens!

    Price: 472,500 €

    Ref: DPA3526

    More details...

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